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Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.52.12Recently a student got in touch with me having come across a self portrait of mine in a catalogue. He brought up various thoughts and ideas about self portraiture that, to be frank, I had not been a concern for me for a few years.

John Berger came up in the email conversation and as a result I looked at some of his telly programmes of the 1970’s online.

I was blown over by the sensitivity and warmth with which he conducted his interviews with children and adults alike. It rung a chord with me as I have engaged with many, many children about their responses to art works at the Academy over the years. (A privilege to do!)

These are wonderful programmes really worth a look. The subject matter is open ended, in-fact ongoing, particularly the ideas about women’s depiction in Art as the topic has has been worked through by women (and men) for decades since the programmes were produced. Makes you want to fill in the next chapters!

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