I have recently published a full colour book, my version, of the Grimm’s fairytale Hansel and Gretel.

I made 20 drawings that take you through the main events of the story, a selection of which are shown below. All the text pages of the book also have complimentary images which enhance the text (these are not shown here).

The book is suitable for ages four to eight. There are birds and animals to be found on almost every page as well as a broken heart hidden in one of the pictures. Most importantly, the tale is great opportunity to discuss with children, how things in the real world, are not always what they seem to be.

At the Royal Academy of Art I regularly talk to groups of primary students about art works. I have found that children are keen to discuss tricky, frightening and sad subject matter in a safe environment. Adults sometimes underestimate children’s curiosity about difficult issues and prefer to share cute stories that avoid the danger and difficulty that life may present.

The book is available from Daunt Books Marylebone, Volte Face on Great Ormond Street and West End Lane Books. Or contact me on the contact page. I charge £10.00 per book including postage within the UK.

The edition is  200 copies.