Bot the Difference

  Here are two almost identical details of Isack van Ostade’s “A Village Fair” 1643 Can you spot any significant differences between them? Look carefully at the dog at the bottom of the painting. What’s he so interested in? The … Read More

Creffield paints a moving picture of Bomberg

Dennis Creffield in conversation Kate Aspinall turned out to be a fascinating talk by Creffield about David Bomberg as a teacher, in which, he shared memories and insights of David Bomberg as a tangible person and powerful teacher. Creffield began … Read More

Deeply human- Giorgione Portrait at the RA

For me “Portrait of a Man” by Giorgione has the intensity and psychological engagement of a self portrait. The eyes look directly into our eyes and we feel the man’s presence and something indefinable yet deeply human is communicated. Giorgione … Read More